Building Resources

The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke

Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage

The ABC's of Building a Young Living Organization by Karen Hopkins

The Harting Training System by Marcella Von Harting



FDA Compliance


+ All FB events, online videos and classes, website information, stories posted to public FB walls, etc. MUST BE COMPLIANT.

+ If your event is open to the public, including if non-member friends can be invited in an "invite-only" event, it must conform to the guidelines in the videos above: every testimony, graphic, video, story, etc. 

+ You MAY NOT post Baby Steps private class videos to your public pages.

+ You MAY NOT share private testimony information publicly. 

+ You are advertising YL in a way that breaks your agreement with them if you are sharing with non-members in a non-compliant way.

+ You MAY use wording that Young Living uses on their website, bottles, or printed materials.

+ You MAY talk freely about our oils supporting the healthy functions of the body.


Compliant Tools:

+ Young Living Website

+ All current team resources

Moving People in Your Downline

+ you have 5 days to move someone within your organization after they sign up with you.
+ you have 20 days to move them without upline approval, it will require an email to to get approved.
+ you will have to fill out a form and get signatures from 3 active upline after. active means spending 100 PV+ for 6+ months or executive or higher.
+ their downline will be forfeited when they move
+ there is a $35 fee, make sure to tell resolutions who will be paying the fee otherwise it automatically charges the person being moved.
+ the email must come from whomever is wanting the sponsor change and the email MUST be tied to the one connected to their yl account


Collaborating for success

Q&A on stacking upline and crossline ladies Kristen, Casey, Lesley 

we mention a scenario where if a frontline builder falls off you can keep that leg a qualifying leg for you with a different builder in that leg hitting exec- we actually clarified this and they DO NOT need to be an executive...the person spending the 100pv just needs to have the OGV volume needed to qualify for that rank.

(password: goteam) 

Watch these videos by Casey Wiegand for strategy on building!! 

(passwords: teamcaseyleigh)


LOVE these calls but don't endorse the take-backs Lindsey talks about. Also, Casey recommends to begin building with two legs so we can best pour into those two legs. This keeps builders supported and collaborating rather than off on their own!

The ladies above are Young Living Royal Crown Diamonds and share a ton of oily and sharing tips on facebook, find them and a few other people I love to follow below!  

Jordan Schrandt >   |  Lindsey Moreno>  |  Monique McLean> | Jim Bob Haggerton> 


Having clear communication and resolving little relational things that come up as we go is key to successfully collaborating!

Policy & Procedures

Cross-Line Recruiting

To ensure a fair and even playing field, Young Living does not permit members to recruit existing members from another Young Living organization into their own organization. This practice is referred to as cross-line recruiting. Members are, of course, welcome to create friendships outside their personal organization founded on wellness, motivation, and support. Feel free to help educate, train, and support members outside your own personal organization to further the company’s vision of bringing Young Living Essential Oils into every home in the world. 


When interacting with a member in another organization you SHOULD: 

+ Uphold the highest standards and ethics possible. 

+ Create a feeling of cooperation and trust with other Young Living organizations. 

+ Inform existing members that you cannot sponsor them and they should work with their active upline for any additional support and training they may need. 

+ Remain respectful of other members and their organizations. They have worked very hard to maintain and grow their organization. 

+ Make sure that the new members you enroll are not currently enrolled within another organization of Young Living. 

When interacting with a member in another organization you SHOULD NOT: 

+ Discredit other members in order to persuade or entice members to join your organization. 

+ Engage in activities that may cause losses to another Young Living member. 

+ Encourage someone to change his or her sponsor and join your organization. 

+ Encourage members to create a new account under a spouse, business, assumed name, corporation, trust, professional account, or fictitious name to get around the sponsor change requirements in any way. This is a violation of Young Living’s duplicate account policy and will result in the termination of the second account and the loss of any new downline under the newly created account.

+ Offer special promotions encouraging sponsor changes outside your organization. 


For more information on cross-line recruiting, please see section 3.11.4 of the Young

Living Policies & Procedures. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to this

important item. READ MORE>